Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can I ask you a question?

Jace says this about 100 times a day it seems. I can usually answer him but sometimes he asks something that I would never dream to ask much less know the answer to. The question he asked right after I snapped this picture was one of those questions...

He wanted to know if everything in the world is made of atoms then why are some things alive and others aren't. And while we're on the subject why would objects made up of atoms appear to be different colors? Seriously, I may have to study quantum physics just to keep up with this kid.

I hope we're on the right road. We've taken a wrong turn one too many times.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My POTD is Dallas's new electric guitar. He's been wanting one for a long time and we couldn't afford it for his birthday last week. Dylan, who has been wanting to sell his drums for a while (to save for a more expensive set) decided today that he wanted them out of his room and when Rey and him came across a great deal on a guitar at the music store, he brought his drums in for store credit and got Dallas a guitar! Dallas was so happy...amazing kids! NOT so amazing pictures. It's too dark and I spent the evening with the family instead of trying to get pics, so this one is the best I could get with the wrong lens on!

More Disney...

We're getting closer to our trip and getting all kinds of fun things ready. Pin trading is a popular activity in Disney parks so we're going prepared with some pins of our own. :-) We also got some fun glow-in-the-dark jewelry for a couple of nights in the parks. It's getting very exciting!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More friends...

We've been having a Buffy fest (of the vampire slaying variety for those who are wondering). The vampires and demons have all been slain for the evening so now I can take a minute to post my picture (a few minutes late but it still counts). The girls are playing Buffy themed hangman, lol.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uh, it's hot.

I've been hiding inside b/c it's 100 degrees outside, but I braved the heat for about 2 minutes to get a shot. I was sweating before the first minute was over.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Really and truely...I was asleep when the cat woke me up by knocking something down and I remembered I didn't take any pictures today! Ooops! I got it in before midnight though, so no rule breaking for me!


Jace's friend is sleeping over and when I snapped this shot of them W started to hide. Jace told him, 'Just get used to it and pretend she's not there.' LOL!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What she really thinks of the camera...

I'm late, but it's not my fault! Hope kept me out until after midnight doing the electric slide. ;o) I wish I had taken my camera last night, it's what my POTD should be, but I probably would have dropped it or something, so you get a shot from when Lynx joined our card game yesterday when my mom was out visiting.

Benton Square

This is the new place that opened up in our little town. It was great to get out for a night on the town in this beautiful place. There are two very distinct spaces and we enjoyed both. The outdoor area with live music had great ambiance and it was such a nice night to be out under the stars. But inside was where the real action was- karaoke, dancing, flashing lights. Even the smallest details (down to the toothpicks) was part of the experience. So much fun!