Saturday, June 19, 2010

BONUS: Weathervane...

Because who knows when I'll get another shot of a weathervane. ;-)

1/80 sec
ISO 200

Pool fun...

ISO 200
1/200 sec

Outdoor dining

Ok, there's no food in the shot, but it IS outdoor dining and today all I needed was the wine, the pool, and the company of good friends. What am I going to do when my clients come home and I no longer have a pool?!!??

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ornate gravestone...

I waited until 'the magic hour' to go out and take these shots. I still had difficulty with exposure. *grrr* In the shot with blue sky the gravestone- which is the focal point of the shot- is underexposed. In the shot with white sky the gravestone is properly exposed and the sky in this direction actually was white so I suppose the sky is as well, it just doesn't look the way I wish it did. The sky from the top pic with the foreground from the bottom would be nice. *roll eyes*

ISO 400
1/640 sec

ISO 400
1/250 sec


Glad I caught a scavenger word early today, the rest of the day was busy and I enjoyed not having taking my camera with me and having a little afternoon break from it.

and the shot

I LOVE this picture. I spent a bit of time taking shots of these three kiddos at our Summer Solstice party. At first I had the little one in front in focus the whole time and his sisters blurred, but just as I decided to focus on P, the little girl in the middle, she turned to look at me. It's one of those shots that just happens when everything is right.
1/25 sec
ISO 200

Smores and more...

So I had the shot (ok, there were a couple) of smores from our scavenger list, I got some great ones at the Summer Solstice party yesterday, but then ran across a gem of a shot that I love as well! What's a girl to do? It's not like I get smores shots very often! I think we may just have to change this blog name to the 700+ project! LOL.
1/60 sec
ISO 200
The next picture gets it's own post...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today was another HOT day to be outside but we braved it for our homeschool group's annual summer solstice party. We had s'mores, a sprinkler, water relays and BUBBLES! It was hot but also lots of fun, as always.

ISO 200
1/125 sec

Adirondack chair

I think I'm getting used to staying at my client's house! AND bonus (as you saw from Hope's post...ahem) my client has a large number of the items on our scavenger hunt list! I took this shot a few times throughout the day, but at sunset with a storm rolling in the lighting was the best!
1/13 sec
ISO 200

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ox bow

Today we got to see the AMAZING farm where Karen is staying. There just happened to be an ox bow on the wall and Karen just happened to point it out to me. ;-) She's probably going to KILL me for using it but it really was my favorite shot of the day. *sheepish grin*

Taken inside with natural light at about noon:

ISO 400
f/ 5.6
1/30 sec


Staying at my client's house, I've found a few of the words for the scavenger hunt, but having a hard time making myself get the shot! Luckily my client made it pretty easy, the decorations in this place are amazing! My mom used to do needlepoint all the time, I even tried my hand at it, I guess you could say it was something we did together occasionally. Last night I got to do something with my own daughter, but it wasn't needlepoint. We spent the evening swimming, playing, having dinner alone by the pool, reading a goddess book, and snuggling up watching tv. It was such a nice night, I wish I could have caught it in a shot, but it's in my head and I don't think there would have been a way to capture our whole evening, so I thought it fitting to post a scavenger hunt shot that was related to my own mother!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I admit it, I've lived right in the middle of farm country for most of my life and I don't know one cow from another but these COULD be Holsteins, lol. At any rate I drive past this field all the time and think about stopping. I am usually rushing to get somewhere or ready to be home but today I decided to stop. I wish I'd had time to really play with some different angles and settings but I'm pretty happy with this one. I think one of the reasons I have trouble getting inspired is because I over think things and if I don't have lots of time I don't even want to try. To get this shot I had to stop on the way home when I knew I needed to start supper but also knew this was one of my scavenger hunt shots so I stopped. I realize now that I need to try to be more spontaneous and grab those moments- I think the scavenger hunt is really going to help with that.

This shot was taken at 6:30 PM with a polarizing filter and the sun at my left.
ISO 100
1/40 sec

Rain, rain, go away!

I have a gorgeous pool at my disposal and wake up to rain?!?! From here on out, I will have to delay my shots by a day. We took the computers back home (where I'm at this moment) b/c it was just too stressful to have them at my client's house. So, I will take my shot and then post it the next day when I go by the house to check my email, etc. I think I may end up ahead or behind, but I'm too tired to figure it out. Either way it will be less stressful and I won't feel pressured to have a shot by 10am or whenever I head back to the house each day! Looks like after today it will be all sun and fun!
1/60 sec
ISO 200

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time for a vacation!???

As soon as it starts feeling like one, I'll let you know. I'm staying at a clients house for the next week and it's why am I all stressed out?!?!? I couldn't get "the shot", then I couldn't figure out Dylan's computer (which is the one we brought over) and I'm just frustrated. BUT, I'm persistent and I needed to get something posted, so here it I'm off to jump in the pool! WOOT!

It is HOT!! Too hot to do much but stay in where its nice and cool. We managed to venture over to Karen's for a bit this afternoon and I did attempt some pics for our scavenger hunt on the way home but I didn't like the way those turned out so...

When we got home we decided to play a game- in my bed, lol. You can tell by the look on Kya's face how she felt about me stopping to take pictures of our fun. ;-)

Both shots had the same settings:
ISO 1600
1/40 sec

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today we celebrated my father-in-law's 70th birthday! Here he is with my sister-in-law who was the mastermind behind the surprise party held at the river. It was HOT but a fun day! Here's to many more happy birthdays. :)

It is HOT!

I've been messing around trying to get my bokeh into neat shapes, but it's just too hot to mess with it anymore today! I did manage to get a few hearts in the background (can you see them?!?!?)