Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day at home...

Record heat kept us in the house for the most part today. Thankfully we have plenty of fun things to do, including making up our own games with flash cards.


I don't know if it's the heat or what, but I feel ill and I'm off to lay down. I'm dedicated though and I did actually use the camera for about 2 seconds today to take a shot of some curriculum I'm trying to sell. So, that's what you get!

Ideas please!!!

So, Karen and I were getting together pretty regularly and having fun with 'Disney Days'. We'd pick a movie as our theme and plan decorations and food to go with that theme. It made for some great pictures and was fun for a while but the same old stuff gets boring after a while. So, we thought we'd ditch Disney Days for a while but we still want to get together and give Kya and Savannah the chance to play (and for us to gab, lol). We thought it might be fun to have 'Picture Day' instead and try to find some places where we can meet up to take pictures and the girls can also play. We get together at parks and pools on a regular basis with our homeschool group so I'd like some ideas for cheap (FREE is best) places to take the kids that will also offer some fun photo ops. Lets hear it folks- we need LOTS of ideas!!
Since Hope got to post a picture from last night that I took, I get to do the same! This shot captures how we are most of the time! LOL! Thank you for taking it Hope!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mothers and daughters...

Okay, I admit it... Karen took the top picture of Kya and I together- but she used my camera! You get two today because while I don't generally like having my picture taken (that's why I'm the photographer) I love this shot of us together. Thanks Karen. <3

The second picture is all mine. S, taking her turn to share her blessing with each girl as her daughter looks on and takes it all in.


Tonight was our last night for our Mother/Daughter class and to celebrate we had a little ceremony. It was wonderful and I got some nice shots, but my favorite was from before when Savannah let me take some pictures of her with the wreath of flowers we made for her head. She was trying so hard not to smile!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


We went swimming again today, the colors of the towels caught my eye, so I snapped a few shots before putting the camera was too HOT for photography!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tonight the parade kicked off the annual fair in our little town. For the first time in a long time there were actually floats instead of just hopping in the back of a pick-up. It was HOT but still a pretty good parade.

back to raw...

Everyone might not know this, but I'm a raw vegan. Well, I HAVE BEEN for over 5 years, but this past 6 months or so I've eaten all kinds of things that aren't raw and aren't vegan. Not only have I put on a ridiculous amount of weight, but I feel bad. The reason I went raw to being with was b/c I was having some health issues. I'm remembering now why I chose this path and I want to feel good again!

So, this morning I went running and instead of just having salad all day long, I made some yummy raw treats and pulled out the food processor and placed it back on the counter. Here is my dinner tonight, it's my version of raw spaghetti. It would be even more like spaghetti if I had a spiral slicer for the zucchini, but they have been banned from the house after I sliced open a finger with one! This was yummy, I ate up the whole plate!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They're with the band...


Here are some of my pretties, there was actually one single red one yesterday that I promptly popped in my mouth!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another kid pic...

We've been hanging around the house for a few days now and there just isn't much to shoot... so you get another kid pic. *shrug*

An evening alone

This is all you are getting tonight, a shot from where I sat at Benton Park having drinks and an appetizer with my husband! We SORELY needed a night alone and although we didn't have the money to stay out very long, we did get some time together and are off to watch the boob tube and enjoy the rest of the evening...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My hobby...

I have a few hobbies but reading has been with me the longest. Robbie built this shelf for me a few years ago as a Christmas surprise (my favorite gift from him ever!) and I have repeatedly filled it. Some books I cherish and keep but most get passed along when I finish. A few times a year I will empty this shelf of nearly all the books but inevitable it will be filled again. There always seems to be a theme- last year it was full of educational philosophy this year there is lots on spirituality. This is why I love books; they'll go with me on whatever path I'm currently traveling.
This is my GREAT nephew...I'm a great Aunt?!?!? That's bizarre...I'm too young to be a GREAT anything. LOL. This is from yesterday, I'm behind a bit but still posting every day!