Monday, May 10, 2010


Thanks to Karen mentioning the other day that she found a way to do selective color with her editing software I thought maybe I could find a way as well. We've talked before about this being something we really miss by not having the pricier software. Thankfully Karen didn't give up and now I'm ridin' her coattails because I found a tutorial on youtube for my software. :-)


  1. So you girls are doing this WITH your camera-not a program? I need to see if my camera can do that. I've tried it with a program b4 and I can't get it the way I want it. Cool!

  2. No, no, I did mine with a program, I think Hope did as well!

  3. No, I did it with a program! I use photoscape which is FREE and found a tutorial on youtube that walked me through the process. It is much more time consuming than I imagined but fun!

    You should just be able to google 'selective color with___________' and fill in whatever photo editing software you have. If there's a way to do it someone has probably made a tutorial about it. :-)