Friday, June 4, 2010

Making a splash...

f/ 4.5
ISO 200
1/50 sec
taken outside in a partially shaded area at about noon

Our trip to City Museum was a hit! Savannah commented several times that it wasn't mu-seum it was a FUN- seum, lol! The kids had a great time climbing and exploring. I would have a great time just going in to take pictures. Unfortunately to really take good pictures I have to be a little removed from the action. That just wasn't possible today since I was trying to keep up with a pack of kids! I also REALLLLLLY need a new lens. It was a little dark in there and I had trouble getting decent shots in certain places. At times I just gave up and switched to auto WITH flash (gasp) because I didn't want to miss the moment trying to get the shot. It wasn't a total loss, I did get a few good shots and some fun snapshots as well. I think I foresee an adult field trip in my future so I can just focus on pictures...


  1. Yep, she got home a while ago and said it was definitely NOT a museum! LOL! This shot ROCKS!!!!!! OMG, it's really stunning Hope. I think you and I should ditch our families and go shoot here! LOL

  2. You read my mind! Now if I could just convince my kids...