Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday dinner...

I was honestly having a hard time taking pictures today. I ordered a jazzy new lens yesterday and every shot I thought of I wanted to save for the new lens, lol. So, today you get another 'day in the life' shot. Last Saturday was Robbie's birthday, my dad's is Tuesday, my mom's Thursday, and mine next Saturday. Tonight we had dinner with my parents to celebrate them all. :)

This picture demonstrates why I'm excited to be getting a new lens this week (happy birthday to me!!!). I had to have a very shallow depth of field in the dark room to prevent blur. Even with a tripod any movement from the people being photographed would have created blur. So, I have some people in slight bokeh instead of blur. My new lens will be better in low light because it has a larger aperture and will also help with blur caused by me thanks to the Image Stabilization.

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