Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm cheating

I DID take pictures today, albeit not many, but I did pick up the camera and shoot, which was the point of making ourselves post a picture each day. BUT...Dylan turned 16 today and instead of bugging him on his bday to let me take his picture, I decided to post one I took 2 days ago. This is him trying to look scary, he does smile, just not for the camera! LOL. I think it's ok since I did take some shots today, but nothing would seem right to post on Dylan's 16th birthday, but a shot of him! I'm reeling about this age, I think I might just have a midlife crisis to be honest. The time has gone so fast, it seems like yesterday I was a new mother with this little bitty guy and now he's taller than me and driving. I must have done something right b/c he's amazing and although I miss when he was little, I love the man he's becoming. Now I'll have to stop before I cry!
1/200 sec
ISO 200

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