Monday, September 6, 2010

This evening I downloaded a free trial of an add-on to my Capture NX2 photo editor. I wanted to see what other things were available with editing, Hope & I had been talking about this today. I'm still playing with it, there are lots of fun options, but still not the shiny option I was looking for (I don't think) Here is a shot I took today on the way home and I played around with it a bit but I couldn't tell you what I did, I was trying so many different things! LOL


  1. I've been playing with my editor too! The color looks great on this one. :-)

    I googled 'glow effect in photoscape' and discovered that it's called bloom on my program so it might have another name in yours- just google it! LOL

  2. Well, it does have a glow one, called glamour glow, but it's not what I was thinking it would be. It makes things slightly blurry, looks good for a special portrait look, I guess. I was looking for that Shiny look, still messing with it!