Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

So, with the new year comes new paths for my photography and life. I doubt I'll be posting every day or much at all anymore as I feel like I accomplished what I wanted with the 365 challenge. I wanted to focus on my photography and take pictures every day, and I did! I still do, almost every day. I learned a great deal, which was something important to me, and I don't think I would have learned so much without the challenge. But, I have found the process of having to do it and find something new and interesting every day becoming tedious. I don't really feel bad about this, when I talked to my photography forum friends most of them agree that a whole year is nearly impossible and many of them felt they got a lot out of of similar challenges, even if they didn't make it the whole year.

BUT, it's not over, I just don't want to feel the need to find a shot when I may not have the time or I'm working on something else, like editing a shoot for a client. Then I feel like I'm just taking a shot of something random instead of something meaningful, just to get something posted.

What I would like to do, however, is start the new year with a poll for some shots that I'm considering entering in a contest this spring in our little town. I'll make a separate post for that!

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  1. I agree completely! I feel like I learned a lot and am so glad we did this challenge (and I learned even more because we did it together). But I also agree that daily posting is just not something I'm going to strive for. I am thinking about just doing a weekly shot and choosing my favorite shot each Sunday or something like that. I'm not sure yet.