Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had a horrible day. It rained, I laid in bed and felt like a vegetable. I had no intent on spending any time on taking shots, I actually took a couple of my cat and a few of the front door thinking I would just post whatever. I thought the rain would never end but as we know, it has to end at some point and there's always hope. In my case, I found it as I looked out the window and realized the rain had finally stopped and there was a beautiful sunset. I threw on my long coat (mostly to cover my pj's) and headed out the door. I'm still not feeling so great, but I have the hope that things will be better. It was a beautiful sunset.

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  1. LOL- I didn't read your post until after I'd posted mine. How is it that we both spent the day in our pjs and you still managed to get this beautiful shot with great color and reflection but I have my tv remote. You're making me look bad!

    Nice post title though. ;-)