Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I had so much fun playing with exposure today! It was a beautiful day and I had time to go to the park while Kya was in dance class. It is amazing how everything is just clicking now! I tried to take pics at this same park in the fall and just couldn't get it right- today was the complete opposite. Well, not complete. I was trying some things to see what worked best so I still had some shots that I had to just toss. I tried metering the shots in the sky (like Understanding Exposure suggests)and also metering it for the water because I wasn't sure how the reflections would turn out if I metered for the sky. Well, I should listen to the experts. The shots that I metered for the water were blown out and they kind of hurt my eyes. ALL of the shots I metered for the sky had PERFECT exposure.


  1. Yay!!!!!! I love the reflection of the playground colors in the water! Hey...we need a new word for the week!

  2. This shot would have been PERFECT about two seconds before when there was no breeze and it wasn't just the color but the shape that was reflected. *sigh* Another day. I'm so excited about getting the exposure that I don't even care!!

    I looked at the list and I was thinking maybe we should do 'distance' this week to encourage us to get those lanscape shots. :-)