Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ahh, sweet yellow...

Karen saved the day!! My camera is spending the next few weeks with the good people of Canon. But Karen took pity on me and let me take pictures with her camera at playgroup today. I know how protective we both are of our cameras so I'm VERY appreciative that she shared. She even left it with me when she had to go run an errand!!

I have to say that picking up someone else's camera was odd. Everything was different: metering, changing focal points, the weight and feel of the camera, even how it felt when I pressed the shutter. I still managed to get a few shots that Karen was then nice enough to email to me so I could choose a shot of the day. I had a few that I liked but I liked this one best 'as is'. I don't mind post-processing but for the purposes of this blog I'm trying to see what I can do straight from the camera. The other shots Karen emailed me I ended up cropping because she has a fixed 35mm lens that I'm not used to. I'm accustomed to my zoom lens so I just didn't get the shots framed up as well with the fixed lens. But this one I liked as is, no cropping. :-)

I'm pretty bummed about my camera but trying to think positively. I'll use my cheap little point and shoot and just work on composition for this project until I get it back.

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  1. I LOVED this pic the second I saw it! It's a great shot! I was happy to let you use my camera, I know I would lose it if I had to go without my camera!