Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Till death do us part...

Today is the Anniversary of our first date, 19 years ago! I thought I wanted to do something artistic and enlisted Rey's help since he was home. It didn't come out quite as I envisioned it, but we had a really nice time walking around the cemetery and taking pictures. Morbid that on the 19th anniversary of our first date we had a mini-date at the cemetery. That's just the way we roll sometimes. Here are 2 pics, I think the one with the flowers only is best, but the shot I went to the cemetery for is the one with the gravestones in the background.


  1. I kind of wish I hadn't been out in the sun so much, you can barely tell that one hand is his and one is mine! Normally he's much darker than me. LOL.

  2. Karen, it was the lighting. I love the photos!