Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I admit it, I've lived right in the middle of farm country for most of my life and I don't know one cow from another but these COULD be Holsteins, lol. At any rate I drive past this field all the time and think about stopping. I am usually rushing to get somewhere or ready to be home but today I decided to stop. I wish I'd had time to really play with some different angles and settings but I'm pretty happy with this one. I think one of the reasons I have trouble getting inspired is because I over think things and if I don't have lots of time I don't even want to try. To get this shot I had to stop on the way home when I knew I needed to start supper but also knew this was one of my scavenger hunt shots so I stopped. I realize now that I need to try to be more spontaneous and grab those moments- I think the scavenger hunt is really going to help with that.

This shot was taken at 6:30 PM with a polarizing filter and the sun at my left.
ISO 100
1/40 sec

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  1. Your picture is a little dark and the cattle are a little far off for my "aging" eyes to truly determine, but they look like Herefords.

    Holsteins are milk cows. :) Herefords are the cattle that typically have a red body and white face, but I've seen them with black bodies and white faces, too. The all black bodied cattle are called Angus. That is my lesson for the day. :) (Or at least, that is all I know! haha)

    Now, aren't you glad you know that now? haha