Wednesday, July 14, 2010

back to raw...

Everyone might not know this, but I'm a raw vegan. Well, I HAVE BEEN for over 5 years, but this past 6 months or so I've eaten all kinds of things that aren't raw and aren't vegan. Not only have I put on a ridiculous amount of weight, but I feel bad. The reason I went raw to being with was b/c I was having some health issues. I'm remembering now why I chose this path and I want to feel good again!

So, this morning I went running and instead of just having salad all day long, I made some yummy raw treats and pulled out the food processor and placed it back on the counter. Here is my dinner tonight, it's my version of raw spaghetti. It would be even more like spaghetti if I had a spiral slicer for the zucchini, but they have been banned from the house after I sliced open a finger with one! This was yummy, I ate up the whole plate!

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  1. Good for you! I'm inspired by your resolve. :-) And that looks delicious!