Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ideas please!!!

So, Karen and I were getting together pretty regularly and having fun with 'Disney Days'. We'd pick a movie as our theme and plan decorations and food to go with that theme. It made for some great pictures and was fun for a while but the same old stuff gets boring after a while. So, we thought we'd ditch Disney Days for a while but we still want to get together and give Kya and Savannah the chance to play (and for us to gab, lol). We thought it might be fun to have 'Picture Day' instead and try to find some places where we can meet up to take pictures and the girls can also play. We get together at parks and pools on a regular basis with our homeschool group so I'd like some ideas for cheap (FREE is best) places to take the kids that will also offer some fun photo ops. Lets hear it folks- we need LOTS of ideas!!


  1. Antique malls, farm equipment places, local nurseries, nursing homes, other peoples houses, artistis workshops.