Sunday, April 11, 2010

Karen plays photographer

Well THAT was a learning experience! Savannah & Leslee agreed to play models for me this afternoon and let me play around with getting some different shots. First off, I had this image in my head of them wearing bright eyeshadow looking really artsy and quickly realized that not only can I not put makeup on, but it would have been better with paint, not eye makeup and women, not girls. We washed most of the makeup off and they put on what they felt comfy in. I used a sheet and clearly had the wrong lens b/c you can tell it was a sheet and my bokeh wasn't what I wanted. There were issues with the edge of the sheet showing, the girls completely not wanting to do what I wanted, and bees flying all around us! LOL! Still, it turns out that Leslee wants to be America's Next Top Model b/c she sat long after Savannah was done and let me take shot after shot. I supposed I should have gotten a better shot then if I had such a willing participant, but it was my first shoot and I'm not going to be so hard on myself.

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