Friday, April 16, 2010

two weeks in one!

Last week when we had yellow as our word of the week, I envisioned taking a shot on the ground, of the yellow line in the road. I wanted to get it right in my town, but the time never arrived, there were always too many cars. Fast forward to this morning and I saw my opportunity and jumped on it! Mainstreet was fairly quiet and I ran out there and got down on the ground to get the shot...just as a very friendly sanitation worker walked in front of me and started emptying trashcans on mainstreet. So, the shot didn't come out quite as I thought it would. So, I'm heading to a petsit, driving down the outer road of the highway, when I see the sun rising in the rearview mirror. I pulled over, checked that that road was clear and dove into the road to get the shot. I admit, this is just my first attempt b/c I was nervous of getting run over, practically laying in the middle of the outer road, but this one was my favorite.