Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Self Perspective

Let me preface this with saying how difficult it is to post pictures of myself like this. I'm doing it though b/c I think it's important for me to step out of my comfort zone and be brave, especially when I'm trying to grow in so many ways...

I had somewhat of a flashback this morning. Long story short, I was out running and a guy (grown man) made fun of me and laughed at me while I was running. I spent my childhood being laughed at and teased for my weight, it shaped who I am, but I really don't feel like I did back then. I thought I was over it. I tried to just get angry, but before I knew it I was back there in that place of shame and feeling every bit of pain that I did when I was younger. I had a good cry (ok, a couple good cries) and realized that I'm not that person anymore.

I'm not going to believe you when you tell me I'm fat or ugly or whatever judgment you think you have about me. I KNOW who I am, I'm beautiful inside and out, and I thought that it would be some great self therapy to shoot myself today and find that beauty that I know I have. It was good for me and I needed to see myself for what I am now and who I am now. I liked both these shots. I can see beauty and flaw in myself and really just love who I am. I don't need to be perfect, I am who I am and I'm working my ass off every day to be even better. I guess all those classes for my psychology degree gave me a boost today...there's nothing like some self perspective thrown in with self therapy! ;o)


  1. Karen, I am very, very proud of you. It takes a lot to go out of our comfort zone (yeah, me in my dance recital costume....ugh!!). Great pictures!! ---Ann

  2. Beautiful- the photography, the words, and especially the model!

  3. Lovely photos of a strong woman!