Thursday, March 18, 2010

All in a row

As I was headed to our annual spring homeschool party at the park today, I drove by the library. Outside there was a line of children from the local school just standing there. The teacher stood in front and they seemed to just be waiting for something. I thought about my own children and how they wouldn't be standing in any lines today on this glorious spring day. I did, however find my daughter and her friends all in a row of their own, playing by the lake, feeding the geese and having a grand day in the spring sun. I waffled back and forth over whether to leave this shot as is or post it in black and white. Although the b&w is stunning, I decided on the color. Saturday is officially the first day of spring and I'm compelled to take colorful shots. More than that though, I decided that the color in this shot speaks volumes about what my daughter was doing today in the sun by the lake with her friends. Happy Spring!


  1. LOVE!! I have similar thoughts everytime I pass a school on my way to the park. You captured the day perfectly- friendship and sunshine all around.

  2. So cute. Captures childhood perfectly.