Thursday, March 18, 2010


My parenting philosophy is that everyone leaves childhood damaged in some way, my goal as a mother is minimal scarring. This is meant to be lighthearted and usually solicits a laugh (which is usually what I'm looking for, lol) but it's also true. However there is a brief moment early in life when we are all undamaged. Life hasn't left its mark on us yet and we are purely ourselves. My kids are beyond that stage and I can already see some of the scars that life has thrown at them. Whether it's something unavoidable like the loss of their grandmother, or something I take complete ownership for like a mom that sometimes yells, it changes them. I think some damage is good, it makes us stronger, more resourceful, empathetic and most importantly it gives us an opportunity to overcome. But I still love seeing and observing the time before life gives us these hurdles, when we can just be. Maybe this is why I love taking pictures of babies and toddlers- and believe me I have LOTS of pictures of these two in particular- but they are still so wholy, completely innocent that I find my camera following them around.


  1. beautiful, the pics AND the words.

  2. So beautiful, and so true. Life is's wonderful that babies don't know that yet!