Thursday, March 11, 2010


Another black and white... This one however was an artistic choice not a try to cover my mistakes, I promise!

I was feeling really overwhelmed when I first walked into the skating rink today. That place kind of zaps me anyway and all the flashing lights and colors just assault my senses and I couldn't really figure out what I wanted to take pictures of. I wandered a bit and took a few shots but nothing was really clicking. So, I decided to just go talk to my friends and forget about pictures for a bit. I could see Karen happily clicking away and wondered why I couldn't be more like that, she just sees things I don't! :)

Then a little later someone had a baby goat outside and I grabbed my camera. After that I got some cute shots of some of the kids. I realize that I enjoy taking pictures of living things more than of objects. I think that's okay, to know what I like and enjoy. However I also want to challenge myself. Eventually I'll challenge myself to take pictures of only objects. Landscapes is another assignment I see in my future. Right now though, I want to continue working on exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. I'll move on when I can get a decent picture in my bathroom. LOL!

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  1. See, I just knew when you went out to see the goat that you would get your shot...that's why I didn't go! ;o) I think the B&W is perfect for this, it draws the eye right to her face and you don't get distracted by the background. Perfect composition, as always!