Saturday, March 13, 2010

My muses...

Tonight I decided to stick to what I like, people, while still tackling a challenge- my living room!

It's really hard to get good shots in my living room, especially with the lens I have. Since most family events that I want good pictures of (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) take place in the living room I need to learn to take better shots in there!

My largest aperture setting with my one and only lens is 4.0 to 5.6 (depending on the zoom) and my living room is pretty dark. So, that means tonight I needed a shutter speed of about 1/8 and an ISO of 1600 to get decent exposure. Throw in the fact that I was trying to get shots of three squirmy people who never sit still and almost every picture I took was blurry and/or noisy. I did manage to get a few shots that I'm okay with, not ecstatic but okay, and this one was my favorite. I'm more determined than ever to get a lens with a larger aperture but for now my budget is forcing me to get better with the lens I have.


  1. I think you did great! Did you tell them they weren't allowed to move? LOL. I was wondering if that little flash deflector scoop thingie would help you in your livingroom? Remember I showed it to you? I hate flash pics, but this deflected it up so that it didn't wash out your subject, just brightened the room a bit!

  2. Of COURSE I told them they weren't allowed to move, lol! That didn't work so well. Most of my pictures had at least one person moving, grrr. I think I need that scoop thing. When I was taking the pictures I asked myself how do professional photographers get these shots and all I could think of were diffused light umbrellas. A tripod would also help but not on Christmas when I need to be able to move around! I think learning to use artificial light correctly might be part of the process. Since I have no money for or the desire to lug around one of those big flashes that scoop diffuser might just be the answer. That or a yellow gel for my on camera flash.