Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, the assignments were supposed to give me something to take pictures of other than my kids but I couldn't resist!

Indoor shots with poor lighting are a challenge... another opportunity for progress!


  1. Cute because it's Kya! Honestly, if I hadn't needed a picture I would NOT have posted this. I still like the general idea for the theme but I'm not happy with the lighting or the noise. But I'm trying to be a good sport and post anyway- even though I'm tempted every five minutes to take it down! LOL!

  2. Blogger ate some of my posts from last night!

    I sheepishly admitted that I chickened out and changed the picture to black and white to try to hide some of the lighting and noise issues I was having... it didn't really work as this pic is still pretty noisy. I wonder if the fact that I was trying out bracketing has anything to do with that?

  3. It looks like a aperture issue Hope, not sure it's about bracketing. Inside and dark is a hard one for me as well. We'll have to make some of our weekly words something that we know will challenge us to work on these darker shots!